Ampere Club is a community dedicated to career ownership.

What’s that?

Imagine renting your home. It’s great to have a landlord who (hopefully) takes care of the problems that crop up, but you have limited ability to make the place truly yours. Things like paint and carpet might be decided by the landlord, for example. And no matter how nice a place it is, once you’re done with it, you really having nothing to show for all the money you paid over the years. You may have helped pay off your landlord’s mortgage… but you’re left with nothing to show for it.

Now imagine owning a home. You get to make all of the decisions! You do have to deal with the problems that come up of course, but when you make smart decisions about your home, you’re building equity in it. At some point, when you decide, you can sell the place and collect all that equity, meaning you’ll have something to show for all those years of ownership.

Jobs are like renting. Your employer owns your job; they define its parameters, how it will work, and so on. Sure, they have to provide you with the tools needed to accomplish that job, but once you’ve left—if you’re not careful—you won’t have anything to show for all the time you spent.

But you can own your career. You can invest in it, and build career equity that will serve you for your entire life. Your career, when properly maintained, can get you into the perfect job that leads to your personal success. Your career can help you navigate to the life you want.

So what does it mean to be a career owner?

It means not sitting in the passenger seat of your career, but instead sliding into the driver’s seat. It means deciding for yourself where you’re going, punching that destination into a powerful GPS, and plotting out the route that will get you there. It means you deciding what your career is for, and where it takes you. It means you deciding how much money and time your career must provide and can consume, in order for you and the people you love to have the life you want.

Career ownership means never entering the so-called “rat race.” It means never chasing a title, or promotion, or pay raise simply for their own sake. Career ownership means using your job as a means to an end.

Career ownership means working to live, not living to work.

And career ownership acknowledges that a great job can be an amazing, positive, beneficial part of your career. Career ownership means loving the job you’re in, for its own sake as well as for what it provides you.

Achieving that success means building a career that has the equity needed to get you there.

Ampere Club is about building career equity. It’s about developing business acumen, sharpening soft skills, and making smart investments in your career. It’s about deciding what kind of life your career will serve, and making the smart decisions to create a path to that life. Ampere Club is about sharing perspectives and advice, about helping each other along our personal career journeys, and about making career ownership commonplace.