Moving into Management – You’re a People Manager

This week’s bonus article is from guest contributor Craig Utley, a professional technology executive with decades of leadership experience. Connect with Craig at People in technology are often drawn to it for several reasons, some of which include that technology is logical, challenging, in-demand, and some technical jobs allow creativity. Technology also attracts its fair […]

Be a team leader

This is an excerpt from my recently published book, Own Your Tech Career. It’s pretty representative of the book as a whole, in terms of offering perspective and action items to help you put everything into your own context. For a limited time, you can take 35% off Own Your Tech Career by entering fccjones11 into the discount code box at […]

Leading: Not Just for Bosses

This is the title of an ebook I’ve been working on that’s designed to teach leadership skills—whether or not you have any intention of taking on a traditional leadership role. A big part of the book is understanding that the way we traditionally use the word leadership actually does a huge disservice to the concept. I’d like […]