Unstructured Apprenticeships

One of the things that I think makes people nervous about “taking on an apprentice” is what they perceive as the up-front work involved. Jeez, they think, I’m going to have to come up with a whole curriculum to teach! Not so. Sure, an established apprenticeship program — something formal — will have some structure, […]

Why I Teach

I have had so many people who have taught me so many things over the years. It would be very easy to adopt what I feel is the majority world opinion and think, “well, they were paid to teach me.” And it’s true that many, if not most, were paid to teach me things. But […]

“Teaching:” a Word to Avoid?

One thing I feel people get wrong about “Be the Master” is around the word teaching. The word “teaching” gets a bad rap in many organizations, because nearly everyone immediately visualizes a classroom environment. They start to worry about resources, like where they’ll find room for it, and how they’ll set aside time for everyone […]

Everyone’s Afraid

Since the late 1990s, I’ve been a fairly regular speaker at technical conferences. I’ll talk to groups of 15, and I’ve spoken to groups of 5,000. I’ve almost always done pretty well, but if you think all that experience makes me any less nervous… When it comes to serving as a Master to one person […]