Moving into Management – You’re a People Manager

This week’s bonus article is from guest contributor Craig Utley, a professional technology executive with decades of leadership experience. Connect with Craig at People in technology are often drawn to it for several reasons, some of which include that technology is logical, challenging, in-demand, and some technical jobs allow creativity. Technology also attracts its fair […]

Interviews Should be Two-Way

I struggle to think of anything more stressful than job interviews. Truly. And not just for the person being interviewed—there’s an enormous amount of stress on the interviewer. After all, they don’t want to screw up and hire the wrong person, and more than you, the interviewee, wants to screw up and not get the job! We […]

Being a Teacher: Facilitate

One of the greatest things that you can do for another human being is to teach them. We tend to overload the word “teacher” in modern society, equating it with formal educational settings like primary school or university, but the fact is that anyone can be a teacher. Anyone can share what they know! Of course, like almost any […]