AMA: Not a Question (but it’s why I get outta bed in the mornings)

As part of my Ask My Anything project, Subodh wrote in with this non-question that I needed to share:

Thank you for your writing. I’m part of a 2 person IT dept for a small energy company, I do presentations and training at work. This is easy for me to prepare and present. I know the material, the audience and the software/hardware involved.
I learned Powershell in a month of lunches and from your presentations online. That has helped in my career, however your writing about teaching and being the master or going away has had more of a lasting impact on my family. I think this will be something that will help more people than anything I ever do at my job with Powershell.
“Teaching does not always feel rewarding. It doesn’t need to be. It is a repayment of something that was done for you. It is not a good thing that you do; it is an obligation that you have.” This is the quote that got me thinking about what I can do to help others in our situation.
I volunteered to present a talk (in between 100-150 people) on travelling with kids who have serious medical issues. This will be at the end of April and will have nothing to do with my core competency in technology. I do have a son with a serious medical issue and have a lot of experience with travel etc. I was fortunate enough to learn from a great nurse who has since passed away, and now I feel that it is my duty to pass that knowledge on from a parents perspective. If it only helps ease the burden a little bit for someone, I have fulfilled my obligation and it will keep me going.
Please keep writing, you never know the huge impact you are making even outside the tech world.

And I literally needed to go stand on the balcony of my condo for a few minutes and collect myself.
I didn’t republish this to brag; I did it because we can all have this kind of impact. I’m truly not special – I didn’t go to college, I came from a very humble background, and I’ve basically just been lucky. I’m lucky enough to have a life partner who pushes me to do better and who helps me mind my career. But… this shows that very ordinary human beings can do this for each other.
Subodh, thank you for writing in. I hope that, by showing how much ordinary mortals really can do for each other, you’ve inspired some more folks to do what you’re doing. Cheers to you.

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Wow. Awesome! Reading this just made my day. Thanks for republishing Don Jones. This gives me more faith in humankind. Need more of this 🙂
A database administrator aspiring to utilize technolgy to make people's jobs and lives better.
I LOVE Powershell! But certainly a rookie:-)