How to Tell Where Your Destiny Lies

I can tell you how to predict the future. I can tell you how to look into the future, and see where your destiny lies.

It’s easier than you think.

Time is the most valuable asset that you don’t own. You can’t make any more of it, and you’re really only renting it. It goes in one direction, and once you’ve spent it, you can never give it back. Therefore, time is how you can predict your future.

Where do you spend your time?

Wherever you spend most of your time, and however you spend it, will tell you what your future holds. If you spend a lot of time at work, then it’s reasonable to assume you’ll spend a lot of time at work well into the future. If you spend a lot of time at work accomplishing things and solving problems, it’s reasonable to assume that’s what lies ahead of you as well.

Another way to look at this is, for every activity in which you engage, is this something I want to be doing well into my future? Is this activity adding value to my future?

People often ask me how I’m able to write as much as I do. In part, it’s because I’ve a writing technique I’ve developed over the years that really works for me. But in part, it’s because it consumes a lot of my time. In other words, I spend most of my “time resource” outside my job on writing. I don’t spend a lot of spare “time resource” on other things. Sure, that means I don’t watch a lot of TV, or play a lot of sports, or stuff like that. Those aren’t bad things at all; they’re just not where I want to be in the future, and so they’re not where I spend my time.

Have you inventoried how you spend your time?

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