Life is a Journey, so PDSA

W. Edwards Deming, industrial engineer and founder of the Total Quality Management movement, was a big believer in the PDSA: Plan, Do, Study, Act (originally Plan, Do, Check, Act, which he’d originally named the Shewart Cycle). He formulated the idea in the late 1940s, and practiced it throughout the 1950s and beyond—famously with Toyota in Japan. It […]

Leading: Not Just for Bosses

This is the title of an ebook I’ve been working on that’s designed to teach leadership skills—whether or not you have any intention of taking on a traditional leadership role. A big part of the book is understanding that the way we traditionally use the word leadership actually does a huge disservice to the concept. I’d like […]

Your Brain as an Operating System

This is one of several guest articles that Ampere Club members will receive now and then. These are often in addition to the regular weekly newsletter, and offer new and unique perspectives from across the career space. This guest article is by Brett Hill, a former Microsoft MVP and IIS expert, and now owner of […]