Skill Check: Written Communications

These days, SO much of what we communicate happens in writing. And believe it or not, writing is one of those things that can actually change people’s impression of you. Great writing can be a chance to reset a less-than-great first impression, and an opportunity to lower someone’s opinion of you. Nailing your writing is crucial. Sadly, far too […]

Interviews Should be Two-Way

I struggle to think of anything more stressful than job interviews. Truly. And not just for the person being interviewed—there’s an enormous amount of stress on the interviewer. After all, they don’t want to screw up and hire the wrong person, and more than you, the interviewee, wants to screw up and not get the job! We […]

Be a team leader

This is an excerpt from my recently published book, Own Your Tech Career. It’s pretty representative of the book as a whole, in terms of offering perspective and action items to help you put everything into your own context. For a limited time, you can take 35% off Own Your Tech Career by entering fccjones11 into the discount code box at […]