What’re You Good For?

One of the neat things about life is that you never know what it’s going to throw at you, or to put that in a more positive light, what it’s going to offer you. Let’s imagine that as a financial analogy, because there’s a cool point to be made, here.

Suppose you have a bank account. You’re really good at keeping track of your bank account balance – you always know exactly how much money is in there.

One day, someone comes along and offers to sell you a business. They’re retiring, they tell you, and they show you the books for the business. Business is good! You know for a fact that you could jump in and run that business, and it’d pay off the purchase price in a year. You like the business, and in fact you’ve been a customer of it for years.

Can you afford the opportunity?

Yes or no, you’ll know the answer instantly, because you’re good at keeping track of your account balance, right?

Your skills are the same thing as that bank account. When life brings an opportunity around, your ability to take advantage of it depends entirely on whether you have the right skills, right? Therefore, in order to seize opportunities – because many of them don’t last long – you should be maintaining a Skills Inventory for yourself.

What are you good at?

This isn’t just a resume for your current job; I’m sure your sills extend far beyond that. What do you do outside of work? What have you done in past jobs that might just need brushing-up? What hobbies are you good at?

Knowing what you’re good at lets you respond rapidly to opportunities, meaning you can grab them or let them pass by based on your abilities, not based on things like fear, uncertainty, or doubt. So jump on that Skills Inventory.

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