Who are Your Stakeholders, and What are Their Values?

I’m married, with no kids. But I do have some extremely close friends who are every bit part of my family. They’re my stakeholders. If I want to make a change in my life, they need to buy off on it, and they get a say in it.

Their values are important to me. They may differ from my own, but when I look to make changes in my life, I need to understand their values, and take them into account. They won’t sign off on things that contravene their own values, and I wouldn’t want them to.

Whether I’m looking to make a change at work, relocate for a job, or whatever, my stakeholders have always been a part of the decision. They’re part of my Self, the reason I’m alive and happy. Without them, I wouldn’t be happy, and so I need to make sure my decisions are something they can get behind.

Who’re your stakeholders? What are their values?

As you’ve read Be the Master (and you can get a copy below by signing up), and as you’ve contemplated changes you might make to help you reach your success, have you consulted those stakeholders? What advice have they offered?

Even children can be stakeholders. They may not be able to form fully informed opinions, but they do have values, and to them, their opinions – however immature – matter. When my partner was young, his father switched from insurance sales to law, a switch requiring three years of law school and a significant amount of belt-tightening at home. His Dad wisely sought the approval of his stakeholders – his family – before doing that, because they were all affected. It may have been hard to explain to a pre-teen, but he took the time and tried, and it meant that the family went into the change together.

Get to know your stakeholders.

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